Tomatoes Page 2

This is PAGE 2 for tomato seeds, scroll down to the bottom and click NEXT PAGE for PAGE 3. We gather tomato seeds From our Gardens every year. In 2017, We grew 127 tomato varieties and harvested about 1/2 LB of seeds each variety! Some items may show as “out of stock” which means we will have seeds the following season or there will be a date when it will be available. If any item says “sold out” it means we no longer carry or grow that variety. If you would like us to continue growing an offering seeds marked as “sold out” Contact us for further details. We only offer seeds from plants we grow, if you would like us to out source seeds we do not carry, contact us with your request.

Gobstopper tomato
Chocolate stripes tomato
Barry's crazy cherry tomato
African brown tomato
Matt's wild cherry tomato
Glacier tomato
Chocolate sprinkles tomato
Orange Russian 117 tomato
Cafe Blue Tomato
Opalka Tomato
Variegated Tomato


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