Peppers Page 1

Color Code


Black – Under 1,000,000 SHU

RED – 1,000,000 SHU AND UP!

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This is PAGE 1 for pepper seeds, scroll down to the bottom and click NEXT PAGE for PAGE 2. We gather pepper seeds From our Gardens every year. In 2017, We grew 146 pepper varieties and harvested about 1/2 LB of seeds each variety! Some items may show as “out of stock” which means we will have seeds the following season or there will be a date when it will be available. If an item says “sold out” it means we no longer carry or grow that verity. If you would like us to continue growing and offering seeds marked as “sold out” Contact us for further details. We only offer seeds from plants we grow, if you would like us to out source seeds we do not carry, contact us with your request.

Carolina Cayenne Pepper

cayenne pepper

Brown Bhutlah Pepper

brown bhutlah pepper

Hinkelhatz Pepper

hinkelhatz pepper

7 pot brain strain Pepper

7 pot brain stain pepper

Texas McMahon’s bird Pepper


Bellingrath Gardens Peppers

bellingrath gardens pepper

Golden Cayenne Pepper

Golden Cayenne Pepper, Capsicum annuum

Carolina Reaper Pepper


Royal Black Pepper

royal black mrbles pepper

Cumari do Para Pepper

cumari do para pepper

Black Cobra Pepper

black cobra pepper

Devil’s Tongue Pepper

devils tongue pepper

White Bullet Habanero

whie habanero

Aurora Pepper

aurora pepper

Mini yellow bell pepper

mini yellow stuffing pepper

Yellow Bullet Habanero

habanero pepper

Nagalah Red Pepper

nagalah red pepper

Fatalii Yellow Pepper

fatalii pepper

Giant Marconi Pepper

marconi giant pepper

Aji Panca Pepper

aji panca pepper aka pasilla bajio

Poblano Pepper

Poblano Pepper

Indian Jwala Pepper

Indian Jwala pepper

Datil Pepper

Datil Pepper

Bell of Gollu Pepper


Hot Beads Small Pepper

HOT BEADS PEPPER (Small), Capsicum annuum

Dulce Marron PL Pepper

Dulce Marron (PL) Pepper - capsicum chinense

Albainian Red Hot Pepper

Albanian Red Hot Pepper - Rare Embroidered Pepper

Orange Starfish PL pepper

Starfish Orange Pepper

Paradicsom AlakuSarga Szentes Pepper

Paradicsom Alaku Sarga Szentes Pepper

Cubanelle Pepper

Cubanelle Pepper

Cascabella Pepper


Thai Hot Orange Pepper

Thai Hot Orange pepper

Tepin Small Var. Pepper

Tepin Pepper

Large Thick Cayenne Pepper

Large Thick Cayenne

Yukari Bakan Pepper

Yukari Bakan Pepper

Hungarian Black Pepper

Hungarian Black Pepper

Melrose Pepper

Melrose sweet frying Pepper

Paper Lantern Pepper

Paper Lantern Pepper

Beaver Dam Pepper

Beaver Dam Pepper

Rezha Macedonian Pepper

Rezha Macedonian Pepper


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