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We gather seeds From our Gardens every year that really don’t fit in any other vegetable category so we post them here. In 2017, We grew many verities of fruits and vegetables and harvested about several pounds of seeds! We harvest: Tobacco, Teaberry, Salsify, Cardoon, Artichoke, Tamarillo, Caper, tomatillo an many more! Some items may show as “out of stock” witch means we will have seeds the following season or there will be a date when it will be available. If an item says “sold out” it means we no longer carry or grow that verity. If you would like us to continue growing an offering seeds marked as “sold out” Contact us for further details. We only offer seeds from vegetable plants we grow, if you would like us to out source seeds we do not carry, contact us with your request. Commercial orders must contact us for bulk purchases.

Mary Washington Asparagus

Black Salsify

Gobbo Di Nazzia Cardoon

Green Globe Artichoke

Dwarf Tamarillo

Amarylla Tomatillo


Purple De Milpa Tomatillo

tomto seeds

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