Galapagos Wild Tomato Type 2 | Solanum cheesmaniae var. minor | Tomato review VERY RARE!!!

Here’s the Galapagos Wild Tomato Type 2, Solanum cheesmaniae var. minor, This is very closely related to Solanum galapagense and sometimes known as L. cheesmanii var. minor. It is one of two wild tomato species endemic to the Galapagos Islands. Bears small cherry-like fruits that ripen to orange. Unique for its frilly foliage, large calyx and small hairs. There are 2 variations of this tomato, one with no hair and the other has some hair but are the same species. The true version has very tiny seeds unlike the varieties available on the open market. This is the true version! Open pollinated Annual 65 days. Visit for your garden seeds

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