Hello everyone, i can not gain access to HR’s wat’s this plant? The log in failed an so did the G+ failed. Not sure if i will be able to upload to that account anymore. If i cant i will have to create a new sub account under this account. You can follow me here for now i will follow back. I am sorry for any inconvenience i may have caused, thanks for your understanding





WordPress suspended “Hr’s wat’s this plant?” blog for no reason?!? I am no longer motivated to use word press. They ignored me several times when contacting them about the login problem and instead of fixing it, they suspended the account instead. They never contacted me or told why it got suspended. They just completely ignored me. i was going to buy the business plan continue to build the website here or on but that is no longer the case.

WIX is a far better and easier web host to use. With a free WIX account you can add your adsense adds, amazon links, PayPal buttons and even get a free store that will let you load 10 items for absolutely FREE. Here on word press i cant even choose text size! The only thing i liked about WordPress is all the other bloggers! It’s YOU, the bloggers why i even come back. I enjoy reading everyone’s blogs and following you website. they also closed about 4 or 5 other accounts i was building for me an a few other people! i now have to start all over again but this time I’m building them on WIX. I was already partially paid to build these sites on WordPress and now i had to explain why WordPress is a bad choice an risky as well.

So now when a client comes to me and wants me to build them a website, it will NOT be WordPress! Think about it, Your client pays you $3,800 to build them a site and then a week later it gets suspended!!?!?!?  That wont happen on WIX! I have almost 100 websites on wix and other sites and never had any thing like this ever happen! Yes i built websites on: Yola, weebly, webself, webnode,, site123, Squarespace, simplesite, google sites, blogger, webs, IMCreator, godaddy, ucoz,, Adobe Spark’s and many many more! Most of these are no where as advanced as WordPress or WIX but WIX beats them all including WordPress!  Visit an see what a 500 page full eCommerce web site looks like. It only cost me around $300 a year and in 4 years i only needed to contact them once! You could never build anything near that on WordPress, tho i was going to try at one time. but WP stopped that in its tracks!

You can still visit the remnants on HR’S WAT’S THIS PLAT? HERE



7 thoughts on “HR,s WAT’S THIS PLANT? IS LOCKED OUT!

  1. So sorry this happened. Hate to see you go, glad I follow you in YouTube. I will look into Wiz as an option… I need to reread your post to see what WIX offer

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  2. WIX is way better tho they do have flaws to but i have a ton of websites on wix and never had a problem like this. if you have any questions about building a wix site just ask. you can build a site in a few hours like this
    its a totally free site an you can see i have adds, paypal buttons, and a store and this is with no domain! only using the free subdomain. however the next level up will cost money but they give you a domain and something like 6 GB storage. this web site is a full eCommerce site with over 500 pages an i still didn’t use up the storage!


  3. Thank you for following 🌼🌱🌾

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  4. Thank You! I like it and will be carefully thinking about creating a shop/site/store/blog on WIX.

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  5. Thanks for your likes and follow👍🏻


  6. Thanks for your follow👍🏻


  7. Called by to leave my thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you!!


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